Wagon Detailing - Fitting Air Pipes


This short article presents a way of improving the appearance of models by fitting air brake pipes.
It should be noted that you should research your prototype to determine whether it had air brakes, vacuum brakes or dual brakes.

Getting Started

Here, we start by cutting lengths of 'bell wire' to 14mm lengths. You may need to adjust this, but make sure that the end of the brake 'pipe' does not drag along the rail head otherwise it will cause derailments.
We then bend the wire and crimp the end to simulate the connector:

We then drill a hole in the buffer beam of our wagon:

Note in this instance how the pipe was painted at the top end prior to fitting. This was done to prevent black paint ending up on the red.
The pipe was secured in its hole with a dab of Superglue.

We then paint the rest of the pipe in black and paint the connector on the end in Red:

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Graham Plowman (5/12/2013)

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