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Can Lima wheels be run on code 75 track ?

This question often arises in relation to Peco code 75 track.

In the 1970's, Lima produced British outline models with very large wheel flanges, often referred to as 'knife blades'. These wheels cannot be run on code 75 track because the flanges run along the tops of the chairs holding the rails onto the sleepers.
Around the early 1980's, there seems to have been a change where the size of the flanges were reduced. Some example models from the author's collection:

  • Lima MK3 coaches, purchased mid 1984 - large flanges
  • Lima MK2 coaches, purchased late 1984 - small flanges
  • Lima MK1 CK purchased 1985 - large flanges
  • Lima Bogie Bolster, purchased around 1980, large flanges
  • Lima Deltic, purchased mid 1978, large flanges
  • Lima 45xx, purchased end 1978, small flanges
  • Lima Western, purchased 1982, small flanges

It seems that all Lima loco flanges were compatible with code 75 track after about 1978.
Wagons seem to have changed in the early 1980's and coaches around the mid 1980's.
It seems to have been a bit sporadic with models being progressively changed over time, so for a time, it was possible to buy both standards while older stocks were still held by retailers.

In summary, anything from Lima after the mid 80's is probably compatible with code 75 track.

Since Hornby have taken over Lima, all re-introduced Lima models have completely new wheelsets and all motors have been replaced with completely new can-motor units, all to Hornby's current high standards.

Graham Plowman (27/8/2009)

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