Lima Pancake Motor Performance

Who says that Lima pancake motors cannot be made to run well ?

The video below shows a Lima class 117 DMU which has had the following modifications made:

  • Ultrascale wheels fitted to the power car
  • Romford wheels fitted to the trailer cars (axles specially made to length)
  • ESU LokPilot DCC decoder fitted

The video shows that a high end decoder will make a Lima motor run very smoothly, even down to the low-speed control. The decoder in the video is 'out of the box' and no CV values have been changed from the defaults.

When I first converted this unit to DCC, I fitted a TCS M1 decoder in the days before TCS made BEMF decoders. This model was always a reasonable runner, but the TCS decoder really didn't change the performance one way or the other. Once the ESU decoder was fitted, the performance was totally transformed to a level that I never realised that a Lima motor could actually run so well if it was properly controlled!

Graham Plowman (26/9/2009)

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