Fitting DCC Sound to a Bachmann Class 47

This short article provides a demonstration of Bachmann's DCC sound class 47:

Sound Decoder

An ESU sound decoder is pre-fitted in this locomotive:

The decoder is a single package, combining traction control with functions and sound and provides excellent control with back-EMF. Because the decoder integrates traction and sound, the sound is properly synchronised with the motor operation.

The Model in Action

The first two videos show the standard Bachmann (SWD) sound. The third video shows LegomannBiffo sound which we believe is a better product because in comparison, the SWD engine sound idles at times when it should be in full thrash.

Class 47 - stopping - Bachmann (SWD) sound

Class 47 - Fast - Bachmann (SWD) sound

Class 47 - stopping - LegomanBiffo sound

Graham Plowman (Updated 29/09/2009)

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