An O Gauge layout based on the now closed branch line terminus at Ashburton in Devon

Built and described by Paul Plowman

1 May 2020 - Progress Report

I am currently focusing my attention on building the crossover located in the platform. I have continued to use my CAD system to design the detail of this crossover. In my attempts to make the trackwork as accurate a representation of the original as possible I am refering to photographs and the GWR 1914 site survey. Close scrutiny of photographs suggests that BR renewed this crossover sometime after 1949 but before the end of auto working in 1957. A photograph by R J Doran on page 41 of Paul Karau's book Great Western Branch Line Termini, Vol 2 shows a short check rail supported by only four chairs. A later photograph by R C Riley on Alex Seal's website shows this check rail to be supported by the standard five chairs.

Link to picture on Alex Seal's Website

The crossover appears to have been renewed fairly recently as the ballast is clean and not yet contaminated with dirt and weeds. The creosoted timbers also appear to be fresh. I am therefore modelling a BR standard B8 crossover with semi-curved switches at this location.

I have cut out the sections of sub-base from 7mm plywood and drawn out the timber and rail positions on them.

Above: Trackwork sub-bases for the B8 crossover looking towards the buffer stops

For the lower level in the sandwich I am using cork floor tiles to minimise the transmission of noise into the baseboards. The two layers have been glued together using Selley's Kwik Grip, a contact adhesive and Australia's equivalent to Evostic.

Above: Sub-base sandwich of 7mm plywood and cork floor tiles

Paul Plowman
1 May 2020

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