Wagon Construction - ABS 7mm Scale 12T Goods Van Kit

Prototype History

I believe that this kit is a model of a BR Diagram 1/203 12Ton Goods van. These were a batch of 100 vans, starting with number B753100. They were the only vans to be built to this diagram which was obviously GWR-inspired design, given the end vents. Construction was carried out at Swindon.

The Kit

I purchased and built this kit back in the early 1990's. At the time, it was one of a range of BR wagon kits by 'ABS'. I'm not sure what happened to the company, but shortly after I purchased the kit, they disappeared from the market and have been unavailable ever since.

The kit is entirely metal parts with brass sheet for sides and side-straps, white metal solid ends and white metal chassis parts. As a result of this, it is quite a heavy vehicle.
The kit went together easily and squarely. I used Superglue to glue the kit together and this has stood the test of time.
I would suggest that the white metal chassis parts are a little 'chunky' by modern standards, but still quite acceptable.
If I recall correctly, brass bearings and wheels were the only additional purchases necessary as neither were supplied with the kit. I fitted 'Firmco' wheels.


I model British Railways in the early 1960's period. At that time, these vans were painted in BR Bauxite which was the standard colour for BR brake-fitted wagons.


HRMS wagon transfers were applied.

The Completed Model

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